April 2022

The 2adventure Studios were founded, back then as a digital service provider for web development, media design and (web) hosting.

June 2022

We've split our services into multiple brands. As part of these changes, services such as media design and web development were discontinued.

October 2022

The 2adventure Studios Ltd was incorporated under the law of England and Wales.

May 2023

We registered our own ASN with RIPE and started maintaining our own autonomous system (AS).

August 2023

Arexion, our NSP and ISP brand got released in it's initial two PoPs.


We are working on our new BMaaS platform Metilion and are developing Arexion Cloud Routers. Furthermore, we are constantly expanding our AS48700 network.


We are planing on unifying our own and a variety of external cloud services with "Project UCP" / Unifying.Cloud / Unifying Cloud Platform.