April 2022

The 2adventure Studios were founded, back then as a digital service provider for web development, media design and (web) hosting.

June 2022

We've split our services into multiple brands. As part of these changes, services such as media design and web development were discontinued.

October 2022

The 2adventure Studios Ltd was incorporated under the law of England and Wales.

May 2023

We registered our own ASN with the RIPE NCC and started building our own network infrastructure.

August 2023

We've started working on Arexico, our new NSP and ISP brand.


We are working on the world's first platform for SMBs, ISPs and CSPs to seamlessly request and manage the entire lifecycle of IP and ASN resources for themselves and their customers.


Providing a global interconnection fabric with software-defined and on-demand Internet Access and Cloud Routers.